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Escaping the Ordinary is Actually Pretty Hard

It’s not easy. As some say, nothing that is worth it ever is easy. But I have to admit, this journey so far has been a bit of a struggle. The goal of the Ordinary Escape has been to get out there more and experience life. However, one thing is very clear– old habits die hard.

This is a tough post to write and maybe that is why we haven’t updated the site in a bit. There really hasn’t been much progress to report on. I think that moving to part time at work was a huge step, but unfortunately things seemed to have died there.

There was some effort at first , but slowly things just devolved into doing nothing. Productive time on my days outside of the “real job” quickly turned into “days off”. I saw that would be a possibility and wanted to strive hard to not let it happen, but it has. I realize that I am the type of person right now that this can happen to and even though I saw it coming I still let it happen.

But at the same time that is really the point of all of this. It is all part of trying to change. It takes time and you can’t really break old deep-seeded patterns overnight. If I were a super-motivated person who wasn’t stuck in a rut then I wouldn’t have started this journey and website in the first place. My wife and I noticed that we weren’t doing what we wanted, weren’t challenging ourselves, and weren’t living life as fully as we wanted. We had a lot of initial motivation that quickly wore away again after we sunk back into our comfort zones.

But I think that the important thing here is to recognize that it doesn’t have to be an instant change. I am beating myself up a bit right now that I have let the last few months squander without doing much, but it is still not too late to get started. Losing a few months is not the end of the world, but never getting started would be. We’ve put the wheels in motion, but we still need to steer this thing down the road.

I’m in a bit of a difficult spot right now, because I think still working for my old job but at part time hours has kept me stuck a bit. In theory it is great because I am earning money and still get to keep my benefits (most importantly health insurance). But I am still stuck in the same mindset/pattern, just for only half the time. I still have all of the stress; perhaps even more so now because I am trying to fit in 40 hours of work into 20.

I think there are a lot of contributing factors, and a lot of things that make this all difficult. If it were easy, then everyone would be trying to do something outside of the ordinary. But at the same time, I can’t let that stop me. I can’t keep talking a big game, but when push comes to shove doing nothing. At this step I think that we need to realize that if we are ever going to escape the ordinary it is going to take some real effort. You can have all the desire in the world, but if you don’t ever actually do anything then you are never going to get anywhere.

Early New Year’s Resolution…

I’m currently sitting in my little cubicle at work writing this little post out.  I will type it up later when I get home, bur for now, writing it out gives me something to do in between taking calls.  I’m working as a part-time call center rep for a food company, which I will not name.  Originally, I started last February on what I thought was a 3 week gig, but here I am months later, still working here.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a horrible job.  The hours are very flexible, which is a plus, and the work is easy enough, but it’s not the type of job I can see myself in for much longer.   I still can’t believe I’m here 9 months after I first started!

Time seems to have flown by and I feel more and more like it is slipping away from me.  It was my 28th birthday a week ago, and if you asked me when I was a kid, where I saw myself at 28, it certainly wouldn’t be here in this job situation.

I don’t want to make this post too much of a downer because I have a lot of good things going on for me right now.  I have a great husband, great family, and a lot of potential.  I’ve always had great potential, but never really tapped into it or realized it.  Instead, I’ve always just “gotten by”.  I never had to try for good grades, or push myself to achieve anything, because it all came pretty easily to me without even trying.  That’s why I think it’s so hard for me to get started living the life I want and making an effort at something.  I’ve never had to make an effort at anything.

But no longer.  This year, I promise myself that I will start participating in my life and my future, instead of going with the flow and letting it all pass me by.  Luckily, my husband is of the same mindset, and we will both be working together towards our goals.

It will be interesting to read these past blog posts one year from now and see how far we’ve come.  Hopefully it will be a positive experience and we will be proud of ourselves for our hard work and determination, instead of a depressing look at how another year has gone by with no changes!

But I’m confident we can do anything we set our mind to.  It might sound cheesy, but it’s true.  There are lots of other people out there who are living the lifestyle that we want, and I ask myself: What makes them so special that they can accomplish that?  The answer is Absolutely Nothing!  They are not smarter or braver or cleverer than us.  The only difference is the determination and willpower they had to follow through with their dreams.  And luckily for all of us, willpower and determination are not natural born gifts.  Anyone can get it if they practice it enough.  And if they can do it, then I am certain that we can do it too!