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Pure Enjoyment

I find that a lot of times, whenever I try something new, I always jump forward and plan on it being a huge success.  I can’t simply do something just because I enjoy it. It always has to be the next big thing—the idea that’s going to be the making of me.  I guess a little optimism doesn’t hurt, but it kind of takes away some of the enjoyment when I’m always looking at things from the perspective of how successful will it be.  There’s so much pressure to be successful that I get overwhelmed even before I start.  I find once this happens, my drive and inspiration go out the window and I don’t even feel like trying anymore.

That’s why I’m switching it up and doing things a little differently now.  I’m going to just do things now for the pure enjoyment of it, and I’m not going to put pressure on myself to make it a success. For instance, Jay and I recently talked about brewing our own beer.  It’s something we’ve always been interested in.  Now, the old me would jump from that idea, to selling our beer, to starting our own beer brewery, to distributing it all over the world.  You see how I did that?  I took one idea, and turned it into global domination.  Well, it’s kind of difficult to dominate the beer market when you haven’t even brewed your first batch yet.  And who knows if it will even be good.  So instead of looking at it from that perspective, I’m just going to try it out and see if I like it.  If it never turns into anything, that’s perfectly fine with me.  My main goal now is just to enjoy the experience.  If it turns out horribly, at least I can say I tried it.

Photo by Pink Sherbert

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