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New Developments on the Work Frontier

Since I last wrote about trying to make money online with writing, there have been a couple of developments. First, I recently applied and was accepted to be a writer for an online content company.  They pay per article, and the pay is not horrible compared to some of the other companies out there.  The next development is that I applied for and was accepted to work at an internet company from home.

This is great news because I have the potential to make more working from home than I do at my part time call center job.  This also brings me that much closer to being able to earn money online, forgoing the daily grind of working at a company. I’m still going to keep my call center job just until I get a better idea of how this will all work out, and then hopefully I can quit and just work from home.

I would also like to improve my writing speed so I can make more money.  I find I agonize over the articles, and end up spending hours on them, which really cuts down on my potential income.  There’s a part of me that feels a little bad for succumbing to a writers mill but the majority of me feels like I need to make money!  It’s not like I’m William Shakespeare here.  This is just a job and a means for me to make money, and it’s a lot more preferable to getting yelled at on the phone all day.

I’m very pleased with the progress I’m making. It really goes to show that once you get the ball going, it makes it that much easier to do it, and keep doing it.  I remember a few months ago feeling bad because I still hadn’t made any changes or really put much effort into applying myself and really going for what I wanted, which is essentially to quit my job and make money from home, and travelling.  Now I feel like I’m making progress, and am just that much closer to achieving that.  There’s still a long way to go, but it feels good to know that I’m moving in the right direction.

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