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Making Changes in your Life One at a Time

Inspiration hits. You want to make changes in your life, and follow the typical process of having a sit down with your self and either mentally or on paper coming up with a list of all the problems you feel you want to work on. At this point you feel motivated and excited about making wholesale changes.

The tendency then is to try and tackle all of those issues and changes all at once. But this can lead to burn out and/or feeling overwhelmed- both of which eventually lead to you likely not making any significant changes at all and falling back into your old patterns.

Scott Young mentions in his is piece on escaping your comfort zones:

Break it Down – Don’t try to tackle your biggest fears all at once. My approach is to pick a decision and try it out. If it was too difficult, break it into something more manageable and try again. If it was too easy, ramp up the difficulty and go at it. If you can’t get up to speak at a conference, try Toastmasters. If speaking at meetings isn’t stimulating enough, try to get engagements at larger events.

AgentSully also had some good advice in a guest post for Zen Habits:

Rank your goals in order of importance. This may be hard, but just do your best and then don’t look back. Starting with your number one, identify the action steps you need to take over the next week to start on this goal. Then begin.

I’ve taken on this approach with some good success so far. I know that I am the type of person that can get overwhelmed if I have too much on my plate, and when I do get overwhelmed I usually close up and stop moving all together. I’ve tried focusing on one thing at a time and it really helps keep me motivated.

How about you? Do you get burned out or overwhelmed by trying to take on too many changes at once? What have you done to combat this?

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  1. I too get overwhelmed when there is too much junk going on. I’ve lost a bit of weight recently and I think it helped that I made it my big focus in my life.

  2. Making change is exciting at first but when we get down to it procrastination sets in. Discipline and willingness are our powerful allays when we want to materialize a change. Making a small effort every day is indeed a huge step towards achieving our goals. :-)

  3. Agreed, Walter. Small effort is really what it is all about. Each small step you take is another move forward.

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