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When You’re Tired and It’s Time to Work

My first topic now that we are back is going to center around something that is near and dear to me right now: time. Specifically, a lack of time to work on our business. As I mentioned in the previous post, I am back to working the “real” job full time. I had worked part time hours at this job for a few years while I spent the rest of my time working on our business. That … [Read More...]

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The Ordinary Escape is back!

Back in Action!

We’re back up. A lot has happened over the last two years. Our family has grown, we've had some successes and set backs on our business, and life has marched on. … [Read More...]

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Tips for College Freshman that Everyone Should Follow, at Any Age

Surfing around on the internet the other day, I came across a discussion on advice for college freshman moving into dorms for the first time. I've been out of … [Read More...]

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Update on Our Media Diet

Overall this media consumption diet has been great. I am amazed at the benefits so far. I think the most noticeable thing is that time has become fairly unimportant to me. I hardly ever look at the clock now. I just don't feel a need to. The first night … [Read More...]


Going On A Media Consumption Diet

The other day, C.C. and I had a bit of a State of the Union discussion on how our big Escape from the Ordinary is going. A lot was discussed over a few hours, but I think the main theme was that we feel like we can do better. We've realized that we've become … [Read More...]


The Great Tent Event

I think I’ve been annoying C.C. the last two days by going around saying “tent event” (try saying it out loud, it’s fun). Anyway, we purchased a tent recently with the idea of adding camping to our excursions. With being as money conscious as we need to be … [Read More...]